There's Something about Blenders

Blenders have been around for a very long time. In fact the first blender was made in 1922 by a gentleman named Stephen Poplawski. Do you think he knew his blenders would be the household kitchen necessity that it is today? I'm not too sure. All I know about blenders is that everyone gives them as wedding gifts. Blenders are also pretty cheap now days and can match just about anything that you want it to match as they come in all styles, patterns and colors these days.

So, what can you use this handy kitchen gadget for? Blenders are a part of my childhood memory and you can make blenders a part of your history too. One use of blenders is to mix ingredients together a lot more easily than you can by hand. Blenders take a lot of the work out of following recipes and preparing food. The main thing I can recall using blenders for in my household growing up was to make orange Juliuses. Add orange juice, milk, ice cream and ice and you had a nice sweet drink made by blenders. Or, of course, we used to do all manner of different flavor milk shakes in blenders as well.

Another way that blenders were used in my household was to puree food. That was true too when I had my daughter and would make my own baby food. Many soon to be moms don't think about the appliances they have in their own kitchen like blenders that could allow them to do many of the things they need to do on their own. It's healthier to use blenders rather than buying the jarred food as well. More of the proteins stay in the food that you blend in blenders. Just put a few bananas in there and you can add other fruits to it. You can create lovely mixes for your child and ensure that they are getting all the nutrients that they need to grow up strong and healthy. The taste of food prepared naturally in blenders will also be of full flavor and not artificial flavoring either which is ten times healthier and easier to get a child to eat as we all know how picky children can be. You can even get children to help you prepare food and smoothies and juices prepared in blenders - just keep them away from the blades which are of course sharp! They will love popping the foods into the blender jug or pot though.

I can recall my grandmother mixing cookie batter in the blender. She always used to say that it gets evenly distributed and evenly mixed. Those were the best cookies and to this day I do believe that it is because she used blenders for mixing and not the hand held mixer.

You will always know how much to add to things when they ask for certain amounts as most blenders come with markings. They can be tricky to wash, but for the most part, blenders are user friendly. What more could you want from a kitchen appliance? Now, days the blenders come with all these features that many of us who used the blenders back in the day don't know how to use. It just goes to show that blenders change with time. The more things that we customers need, these appliance companies are ready to listen and redo those items we use. So, if you don't have a blender what is stopping you? It's time to make memories for you like I have from my childhood that I have shared with my daughters.